Koreka Ponni Boiled Rice (Rajabogam) - 5kg

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Koreka Ponni Boiled Rice (Rajabogam) 
• Koreka (Rajabogam) paddy is cultivated for a long period approximately 145 to 150 days and then it is boiled which results the rice grain’s appearance to be bright white and softer after cooked.
• Our paddy is aged to perfection that provides hard texture, less sticky, exhibits increased volume in expansion and better water absorption during cooking. 
• Paddy procured from delta regions of Cauvery belt Tamilnadu, known for its finest agricultural soils in South India. 
• This premium Koreka Ponni rice is thin/ long grained and cooks to a delicious taste. 
• Koreka Ponni Rice has a low glyciemic index which is much lower than steamed and raw rice and is well suited for diabetic patients.
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